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Special Bikes (rider Aids)

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can anyone tell me what special bikes you use at what level? I know the slide bike is used in level 3 but what about all the other training bikes.

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In the States we have the No BS bike (Body steering) available to all level one students

The Brake rig (for feeling a front wheel lock) available to all level one / two students at a two day camp.

Lean bike for Level three students

Slide bike for level 3 / 4 students.


You may want to check with the guys at the UK school though. They may have different requirements.

Cobie could answer your question, but he's on the road for the next couple of weeks, if you can wait that long.

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I was just curious really, as will be doing level 1 in july!

intending doing all 4 levels eventually so will get my hands on them all sooner or later

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Is it possible to get onto the lean bike as a level 2 student?


I was out at Sears last year and got time in on the braking rig as a level 2 before/as we were getting rained out. I realize level 2 is primarily optics and not body positioning, but I'd definitely like to get as much time as possible to be more comfortable with lean angles.

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