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Aprilia Rs125


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See the v2 vs i4 thread for my thoughts on this bike.

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Aprilia are offering a RS125 for the track at a price much lower than a new 600, is that the bike to buy for just track work?James.


this should get you there: http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=1232


125 GP bikes are just awesome for cornering. But finding out about the maintenance, and what you have to learn to make them (and keep them) running correctly is wise. If you just want t a bike to flog on the track (track days), it has pluses and minuses.



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My first race was last weekend. Previously I've attended 4 trackdays. I ride a Buell 1125R at Arroyo Seco, a very technical 12 turn track with an 1800' straight. The rules allow any bike to be entered into a given class as long as it doesn't have more capacity (cylinders or CC's). In the Heavy twins class was an Aprilla RS125. It really is a pretty bike and it is fast in the turns. All riders compete together in this class with no expert/amateur/beginner divisions. I was no match for the two expert riders on their SV650s. I beat'em on the start, they passed me within 3 turns and disappeared.


I became cautious, slowed and began trying new lines and shift points. I thought the Aprilla was half a lap back. Half way through the next to last lap the Aprilla went by me going into the tightest turn. It was one of the biggest shocks of my life. I began laughing at the prospect of losing to a 125 when I'm riding an 1125. I knew he was fast in the esses before the straight. By the time we got to the straight he had 100' on me. Then the power came in. I get to just over 130 on the straight. That 125 is no match. I then proceeded to ride my fastest lap of the day!


I not only learned the value of staying on point (don't slow down) but that weekend I learned about the amazing cornering ability of that Aprilla RS125. Of course the straights are its biggest enemy. Also, in our organization there is no class that the bike fits into. It would be great for a 125 class but it suffers in all available classes.


It is a beautiful bike and really cheap. But I think the frustration with lack of strait line speed is a problem.

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It [RS125] is a beautiful bike and really cheap. But I think the frustration with lack of strait line speed is a problem.


Go back and read the story of Peter Lenz's last race. http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=1234 He wasn't hampered by the lack of displacement when he won at CodeRACE School earlier this month...and he's only 11 years old.



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