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Wd 40 On Rear Tire - What To Do?


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While cleaning my chain today, I accidentally sprayed WD40 on my brand new rear tire (because I'm an idiot!). Not a full blast, but some overspray. Brand new Pirelli DC IIIs!!


Anyway, is there anything I should / can use to clean it off? I'm guessing I should take it easy for the next few rides. Any other suggestions?




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Wipe it off the best you can. There's nothing more you can do that I know of. Any chemical reaction is already done.



On the up side, if it wasn't a full soaking, you probably don't have much to worry about. It's not like you soaked the tire with brake cleaner.... the way everyone used to do to clean the factory coating off before heading out to race... lol.


Take it easy anyway, but, I think you'll be fine.

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Thanks racer - I was hoping I didn't ruin the tire! I immediately wiped it off, and after a quick ride, couldn't see any visible discoloration of the rubber.


BTW, brand new COLD Pirelli DC IIIs, on a COLD day (it was below 50 degrees when I went out), really slide out easily!! (Unless it was the WD40 - ha ha). I think I passed my first real SR test because when the rear tire started to slide out around a corner (I stupidly snapped it into the turn pretty quick), I just kept on the throttle and drove through it. The bike came back nicely and I was on my way, though my heart rate tripled! :)

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it's amazing how little track there really is with cold tires. Bet one of the match guys could put a number on that.


You're telling me!! I read the reviews on the Pirelli DCIII before buying, and I knew they would be terrible in the rain and not ideal when cold (but like glue once fully heated up). I had no idea they would start to slip THAT easily when cold on a cold day. I rode home like I was on ice :)

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