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Mastering The Rear Brake


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In twist of the wrist there is a section on braking. One of its subsections is on rear braking which is small. One of the sentences sums up the subsection pretty good by saying "Many riders and racers have given up using the rear brake for hard braking". To sum it up the reason is that the rear brake is more tricky and its miss use can cause hopping & less control. One of the center piece themes for keiths teachings is obviously that if a rider wants to ride more effedient one must understand and take responsibility in the area of weight transfers, throttle control and braking. Well with that foundation in mind THEN mastering and using in conjunction the right amount of back brake would allow a rider to transfer weight to the rear where you DO need more of it at times. Doing everything you can in chasing that desired 60/40 weight ratio. Guys that are the fastest and also one with their bike I would guess DO use the rear brake and quit often! They most likely use it to not only slow faster but also to not transfer ALL of the stoping forces to the front.

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