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I Know, Another Canadian!

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Hello everyone, my name is Darryl. I have only been riding officially for the last 2 riding seasons, even though I took the MSF course 16 years ago. I must admit it was a real waste of 16 years I could have been riding, but I don't think my "maturity level", or lack thereof, in years past would have been conducive to a long life of riding anyway. LOLEither way, I'm doing my best to make up for it now (22.000kms in 1 1/2 seasons), and have moved from my old Yamaha XJ750 Seca, which I "Street-fightered" last winter, to my current 2005 SV650S Suzuki. It is difficult to attend track days near here, so I have resorted to a few "interesting routes" around town, and trips into Idaho/Montana in search of the "twisties".I can't say enough good things about the books Keith has written, and the skills I have learned from them in regards to riding. I think that Twist of the Wrist II has probably repeated 5-6 times in it's entirety in my truck this winter. Small doses on the way to work and back are great, other than the frustration of constantly being reminded that snow is keeping you from riding. LOLHopefully someday I will be able to attend one of the CSS courses, maybe Vegas or Miller, and test the skills I have learnt in a proper enviroment!Best wishes to everyone. Happy New Year , and Great Site!DarrylAlberta, Canada

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Hi Darryl,


Welcome and glad you are here. Snow and riding--sigh, not the greatest mix is it? But, Montana and Idaho, bet there are some good roads there!




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