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Css For Young Guns

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Hi Guys

you may have read elsewhere, my son (now 13) races over here in England, he has done the Level1 course with CSS and found it informative and educational, well worth the cost.

With the amount of under 16's coming into the sport over here there may be an opportunity for CSS to get involved with teaching the youngsters and perhaps giving support during their formative years. The idea would be to nuture good habits/ technique from an early age. Think of the positive publicity available to CSS if they educated a youngster who was successful in the world stage.


I advised the parents of other young guns to take the time to spend a day with CSS and sighted the success that both Rowan and Sam had after their day spent at Rockingham, but the attitude seems to be that CSS is aimed at road riders with little of true racing education available (I have explained that the techniques hold true if you are road or race oriented) with money being tight for all us parents they would rather spend £100 on a test day than £300 for a schoolday circulating slowly. I am sure that the attitude could be changed if CSS got more involved with the younger riders.


After Rowans day at CSS last summer both the boys had some press photographs done with Andy and we sported a CSS sticker on the bike (we have never seen these phtographs since, we did say that they would be used for publicity for the boys and CSS) Andy (Donna) Ibbot were added to Rowans mailing list to keep the school up to date on his efforts as they seemed very interested in the boys progress .We have had little feedback from the school which was dissapointing from the boys point of view(I explained to him that the schoool is a business and as such Andy and Donna are very busy during the year running it)


Now 2009 dawns and we are pretty set up for this years racing, Rowan wants to do the next level with the school which we will set up for the spring (once he has acclimatised to the GP125 we will be running). I just wish that the school showed more interest in the younger riders, perhaps teaching the old uns is too lucrative.

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I'm sure you already know that Rowan and Sam get mentioned in the UK schools website, in the news section as stars of the future!

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If the UK is anything like Canada, I can imagine the schools have a huge issue with getting insurance. I know here our insurance providers won't even allow you on a paved track unless your 16, not good for aspiring racers.

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Hi Rowan's Dad,


I'm assuming that you had intended this for the UK branch of the school, I've sent Andy a note regarding this thread. Have you contacted him directly on this?


Regarding training riders in general, we train them all, from street riders to racers. We even have a seperate race school, but it's not the same as the Superbike School, and almost all realize they need the Superbike School and it's format of technical briefings and drills to really maximixe learning their cornering skills. As an example, Leon Camier has come over and done quite a few days of training with us, and most were at our regular schools, not even the race school.




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