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Custom Leathers Southern Ca?

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I'm starting to shop for new leathers. Who do you know in Southern CA that makes custom race leathers? I am female, and would love to find someone that can make a nice set of women's leathers. I know about Z Leathers, that's what I have now, and I may very well go to him again, but I want some other options, too - my Z suit is great, but it looks like a man's suit. So, if you have a hookup on someone who does women's leathers well, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

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It would be nice to have a list of the guys available, but here are few more:


Bates--Long Beach. They have been around a while, had some repairs done there, work was good.


NJK I think in San Clemente, don't know them but one friend liked his set.

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Have you contacted Juan Lindo at Zooni leathers? He has an excellent reputation, and has done women's leathers. The Z leathers read like they weren't made for your measurements.


Zooni has an website where you can play around and "build your own" leathers. A decent taylor can supply the measurements, or of course, Zooni in San Jose.


I took a couple of days with "Class" and Reg Pridmore and a number of the staff there, including Reg's wife, Gigi, were wearing them. They appear to be high quality. "BARF" has some good information on leathers...(Bay Area Rider's Forum)


.....sidenote: didn't know California very well. Spent some time in Lompoc with the Air Force, and a girlfriend up in Concord at one time. Juan tells me he's up in the San Franscisco area, not Southern California, so this might not meet your desire for someone local.

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