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Amazing Saves... New Technique?

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So in the wake of the amazing save that Jamie Hacking pulled off at Barber recently as well as reflecting back on another final turn save that Blake Young pulled off last year at Road Atlanta, would there be the possibility that modern riding techniques would include righting your bike even after the rubber has left the asphalt?


A few years back, would anyone think that it was possible for anyone to perform a double back flip on a motocross bike? Perceived boundaries are constantly challenged and pushed beyond the expected. Why not on the track as well? After reviewing the several times of Jamie pulling himself back on the bike coming out of 15 at Barber, I have to think that even though much of that had be blind luck, why couldn't it be possible to be able to guide the bike back up on its wheels?


Just a thought...



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How about Edwards saving his lowside at Jerez last year? I'm not an Edwards fan, but that was wicked. You know what they say: Luck is just preparation and opportunity coming together. Hackings looked impossible.


Hacking's save:



Edwards save:


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hi all ,

still out of action at the mo but hopefully next few weeks

saw both saves , incredible , the edwards 1 i had seen b4 and this is i guess the best example i,ve seen on film of losing the front and getting it back , the throttle control etc. is unreal i guess this is an example of keeping your head , but i,m assuming the recovery is dependent on tyres bike weight etc. also ??????



don,t think i,m quite at this level yet !!!! ha ha

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hacking save was awesome! I read in some riding book by Lee Parks called Total Control that you never say in your head your going down no matter what, once you do it's all over. I believe this because I have had some wicked saves myself from telling myself no I'm not going down, relaxed and amazing things happened. That was a good book. That concept is great to take with you everytime you ride.

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