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Best Way To Setup A Practice Day?

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Usually on a track day I just ride laps, focusing on increasing my corner entry speed most of the time. Sometimes I will focus on body position or different lines, but only briefly.


Obviously this is a very inefficient to practice, and I'm looking for some examples of more effective practice plans.


So how do you guys go about your track days?

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I've spent six days in total with CSS. Four of those days break out like this; last August attending a CSS 2-day camp doing level 3 & 4 and two days earlier this month with CSS doing more level 4.


At level 4 the student chooses which skills need work and with a track coach and a consultant, they meet and construct the curriculum for that student and that day.


I prepared for these past two days by thoroughly reading through Twist II. Why? Because in my previous time I did not review and it made for some mistakes on my part. I was determined to be more focused this time.


Sounds like you want to do the same. So may I ask...


Have you had any formal training for road race bikes?


If so, what skills did you learn and what do you want to improve?


If not, what do you think you are doing well and what do you think needs more work?


Speed comes with confidence gained from experience. There are a lot of factors at play building the proper confidence.


Let the members know a little more of your experience.



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I was pretty much going to say what Michael did. I read a lot about riding, and the things I've learned I try, or I correct whatever I've found I'm weak at. I focus on a couple things at a time.

When I was on West (lefts) I figured out that while going through left hand corners that I have poor BP going that way, and put an excessive amount of weight on the front while braking into lefts and while cornering. Last trackday of the summer I worked on this.

I've been working on corner entry speed, because this is something I'm very bad at, and will need lots of work. It comes together with BP real well.

The last trackday I tried mapping out the track, and drawing my RP's, gear, and lines. It works wonderfully, and is something I'm going to start doing from now on, even on the tracks I am familiar with. I will start timing myself in certain sections, and work on one thing at a time. There is always a medium speed corner that takes a while to get through, and it's here that I work on BP. Just refining small things.

If you aren't sure what you're doing, read more, and figure out what exactly what you're doing right and wrong.

The problem I've come to find is that whatever it is I'm working on, I can't find anything in books that has effectively been able to get me past a certain point. I'm going to spend the summer working on it, and in the fall when the tracks open back up, I'm hopefully going to be better prepared. I'm still trying to get to the school so I can fix some major problems.

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when im at a new track. i usually focus on getting on the right line first. I ride in 1 gear all through out and dont even use my brake. Maybe 3-4 laps of this and I start picking up speed. So basically, the first session is focused on learning the track and where the corners lead. Once i get all the lines done, i focus on braking and gearing for the exit. after that its all fun and just trying to improve yourself by challenging yourself to open up the gas earlier and braking later.

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