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Why is it evertime I post a Question, I get booted off and loose all of my text? It takes me a long time to type all of this out and it is super frusterating to keep loosing it all!



This has happened 3 times all ready



Can you describe what you are actually doing when this happens? I know that if you are typing a message and then decide you want to exit the message box to go back into the Forum before you send it, you will loose your text. BTW, if you are typing something long that you have lost three times, you might want to try to type it in Word or Word Perfect and then copy it into your message.



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I dunno what happened...but the problem seems to be fixed! I think that it was timing out. So thanks to who ever fixed it!!




hmmm....this hasn't happened to me. Shoot me an e-mail if this happens again, I'll nudge the webmaster.

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