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Critique Body Position Please

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Let me know what you guys think. I'm not looking to set a knee down on the street so please refrain the flaming. :ph34r:


Just trying to improve my everyday riding, because we don't have a track here in Hawaii.


Oh yeah, I watched TOTW II like a million times.


Still have yet to take a track day and the lvl 1 course. Hate Hawaii for not having a track or school out here, unless your in the service.


Keith Code, your teachings ROCK!~



Second pic is bad lean, I was just witnessing one of my fellow riders going down - no roll-on.



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Lookin good from what I can see in those shots.


Ya think I should hang off more? The more I read about hanging off, the more it talks about getting the crack off the seat. These ones I'm barely getting one cheek.


Looks just fine to me too. We often have to fix more problems than the hanging off helps.


There are some little items to address, but those would have to be done in person.





ps--welcome to the board.

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