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2nd, 3rd, 3rd & 6th For The Year!

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Well, the racing season is over. The last races were held at Homestead-Miami Speedway December 6th. There was a fairly big turnout that included AMA racers Jeff Wood, Eric Wood, Michael Barnes, Santiago Villa, and Andres Londono. I never really got my head in the game but I kept the bike upright and finished 10th in GTO, 7th in Unlimited Supersport, 4th in Unlimited Superbike, and 10th in Unlimited GP.


But those results improved me in Florida Region Championship points to:

2nd in Expert Unlimited Superbike

3rd in Expert Unlimited Supersport

3rd in Expert Unlimited GP

6th in GTO


A huge part of success in racing is simply being there. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of my wife Susan, Shirley Keenan (Mom), Ray Atchley (mechanic), David Bruce(mechanic), Jon Utely(mechanic), Chrissy Bruce(photographer), Luis Schomaker(painter/sponsor finder), Steve Brubaker(Dunlop Race Tire Service) and Jay Galvin (owner of the Waterin' Trough) I was there.


Thanks to the skills I've learned as a student and a coach with The California Superbike School I had only one crash the whole season and that was due to a boneheaded, lazy, cheapskate tire choice on my part and it occurred in practice at a very low speed. Every race I started, I completed - thank you Ray and David!


Without the sponsorship and support from The Waterin' Trough and Race Tire Services this journey would have ended in February. Thank you Jay and Steve for jumping out on a limb and supporting me!


And thank you to all of you who have watched my videos, sent me email, commented on Facebook or Flickr and someway let me know I was reaching people. You are what makes it worthwhile!


The Way to Happiness Racing Team is making plans to return next year! Contact us; find out how YOU can be part of the team wherever you are!

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Great job Greg. You were my first coach at the Superbike School. I've watched all your video's of your racing and Deals Gap. Great stuff. I like to show off those video's to my friends so they can see how it's done. Congrats on a awesome year and a job well done!!!!


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