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Things To Check When Buying At Motorbike Auctions

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Hey all


Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to check and look out for when going to buy at a damaged motorbikes auction. I intend to race 600cc next year, but I want to get a bike set up now so I can get used to it. So if anyone has bought or knows of someone who bought please give some advice my way. I sort of have an idea of what to look for, but I want to go there with a big list of things to check before I impulse buy.





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Don't know where you are in Melbourne but Brett at Madbiker goes through the checks in his maintenance course and gives you a copy of the checklist. (or he did when I did the course)


there's also a guy on e-bay selling repairable write offs


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If you're considering cost then would it help to better understand the total to repair and prep a crashed road bike versus a prepped race bike?


If so then jot down a list of modifications you intent to make on the road bike post sale, then check what your total spend will be compared with buying a ready-to-race bike off the classifieds on a site such as www.formula-xtreme.com.au


Often you'll find an already prepped race bike will have the bits you want and a price that's considerably less then a modded up auction/ex road bike.


Good to do the homework on it anyway, you may well find a race bike is far better maintained then the average track bike or crashed road bike for the reason that it has a job to do and must be reliable to do that job.


Be sure to understand the auctions $ costs too, if its manheim-fowles or pickles it's all disclosed on their site.


Happy racebike hunting!

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Thanks Jason,


Your the third person in a few hours whos said the same thing to me, so I think I save the money and race something smaller and less tyre chewing, plus I wouldnt know what the engines like until I bought it. Ive spent a bit of times surfing classifieds, formula xtreme, and the list goes on... think 250 4 stroke stock racing may be the cheapest option :)

Thanks for the help



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