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Very Lucky Moment... *on Board Video*

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In Almeria, Spain, in November, there i was having a great time, staying on the track and everything, when all of a sudden...


1 hot lap, then a small error (2:40 if you're impatient)


Apologies for the sound. I had it set on loud when i should've had it on quiet!


Hope you liked it though!




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If I were on that bike you would have heard me yelling many a @#$%^*(!


Thanks for sharing this for sure.


What ya doing out there mate? Something get your attention did it? :lol:;)


I did notice you were turning in a bit early quite a lot actually, and mate, your definitely in the wrong group there surely? How slow were some of those guys going?



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Lol i know mate i drove out of the big left too much pushing me offline for the right, but with it being day 1, i didn't realise and still gassed it, then couldn't pull myself back on line, blah blah blah, i fooked up lol.


Got 8 seconds off these lap times over the next two days though as i learned the place, it was just a case of small error big result!


As for the groups, i felt sorry for a lot of them. There were a lot of new riders and first timers, booked in novic, but it was opened up as open pit, which was frustrating as it was tough to get good runs. But then again, it did say from the start that the event would be open pit each afternoon, so they shouldn't moan really...



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