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Racing In Qatar

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Well I just got back from the race in Qatar and what a great race.


We were 27 riders for 2 races with 15 laps in each race, the tire supplier did not get enough tires for every one so I had to go threw free practices on qualifying with my old tires and I managed to get in 14th position on the grid.


Now some of the guys that are racing with me are professional riders some where in motogp 250CC and in the new 600cc every world endurance ( in super sport ) where there and also champions from around the region.


A bad start made me go from 14th to 22 or 23 but I managed to catch them and made it to 13th place with a bout 0.600 from the guy in front of me ( 2007 yamaha R1 ).




The second race I had a better start but not that good, and I continued to fight my way till I got to 10th position and it was just me and the R1 guy on lap 14 there was just 0.014 difference between us and he got past me on the strait ( that R1 was very powerful ) but I managed to brake very late and got past him I stayed in front of him till the end of the race with a 0.143 difference.


Yes I did not win the race but I had a lot of fun




My bike is a cbr1000 model 2006

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Good going. Must have been awesome having such a close race. I saw last weekend what happens with a bad start.


Being as inconsistent as I am, there aren't many bikes I can just cruise around a track with at a steady pace. And I would LOVE to do that track.

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