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3 Step In The Rain Eases The Pain

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Returning from world superbikes at Phillip Island on Monday, I had 900km to get home, and it was raining with some great roads (in the dry!) ahead of me. But you know the rain.....takes the edge off! So I wasn't enjoying it much but using several techniques helped.


1 - Relax.


2 - Sit the bike up onto the fat part of the tyre by using better body position.


3 - And most crucially - the 3 step technique. By focusing more thoroughly on turn in, mid point and vanishing point, it just became so much easier, and despite my soaked gear, foggy visor and associated rain like dramas, the ride was turned from an ordeal into something resembling a challenge!


Yes it was wet for all but 50km of that ride. There's always a sting at the Island - if you escape the rain at the track and campground, you WILL pay the penalty on the ride home. But the CSS techniques showed theie mettle once again.



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Fantastic to hear you're applying the drills you've learnt! These skills don't come as a 'factory option' that you can just switch on; it's our own decision! so well done! Can you imagine how a great story like this feels to your coach? Post his name and I'll happily pass it on. Thanks for sharing!


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Glad to hear it, I really like those level 2 techniques, use them ALL the time, most even driving in the cage.



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Congrats, DB, on making it work in the real world!


Cobie has a great point--you can practice the visual skills in the car. I do it all the time. I explained "watching the vanishing point" to my wife in the car. It about freaked her out when she started doing it. I was glad she tried it in the car FIRST before trying it on her bike.


Some of this racing stuff barely applies on the street--at normal speeds, there is just so much reserve traction available that it's just not needed. On the other hand, rain riding is a whole different part of the elephant. Opening up those corners and hanging off (or at least leaning in) to keep more rubber on the road suddenly makes a lot more sense.


How was the race?



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