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Usgpru At Firebird 4/18/10.

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There wasn't as big a turn-out as last year, but the riders were awesome. Stalled bike, wreck, technical difficulties interfered, but it was fun to watch.


Lenz looked OK after his off. I'd bet that he can drop a bike just as quick as any AMA, and some MotoGP riders. I don't know what happened to Hartl. Last year he was alright, and this year, until something happened to his bike, he was absolutely running away with the race.






















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I don't recognize #46, who is that?




Andre Ochs. He is consistent. I don't know what happened to Hartl. Kid was dominating his race until something happened to the bike. Last year he wasn't near the front runners.

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Lex was running great but had a ring stick. Andre was riding good and the bike was running great. Joe came out of the weeds to run with Andre ... and Peter was unable to get around to run the times he could without traffic. Peter's bike doesn't have the same power so he has to ride it differently and wasn't able to do that when behind other bikes.

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I just discovered USGPRU recently and in being such a racing novice (the more I learn, the less I know) I looked at it at first as a potential good method of building foundational skills in the smaller bike classes (125-250). I used the same thinking in motocross years ago as in the more I learned to 'work the bike' on 125's, efforts on larger bikes in the dirt came more easily because I didn't have to work as hard.


THEN...I started looking into sources (importers) of these 125 2 stroke or related GP style machines and OMG! I could buy 2-3 new 600's for the price of those things???? How the heck do people do it? It must be a huge commitment to even get started? :blink:

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