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Monticello Ny Track As Css Venue?

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Not sure if this is right place for this post...maybe should go in "Tracks" section....anyway

Just finished my first track day at Monticello Motorsport Club



The run was on the north circuit and it was just really neat and I have to say one of the most enjoyable track runs I have had. Reminded me of kind of a Barber (my all time favorite track)/Streets of Willow combo track.

Very technical with neat transitions and turns and seemed to really help me work on body position and transitions. The 66 "run" (combines elements of north and south course and is longer) is supposedly even better and I will try that out in July. The "whole track run is 4.1 miles with 22 turns!!!! (but not run very often). The north course can be run in both directions (not sure about 66)

At the end of the day I was sore as hell and that doesn't happen at NJMP.

I think this would make an excellent venue for CSS and it is a beautiful facility.

Any thought on maybe making it part of the east coast CSS run?? (pic is turn 2. Turn 2 and 3 (right left combo) are maybe the most fun turns I have run)6-12-2010+11-28-12+PM.jpg

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Thanks guys, I know Keith is aware of the track, and will consider it for next year's tours. A number of factors go into scheduling, it's a real process of coordination.



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