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Randy Depuniet

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Randy used to be a frequent crasher, although I don't recall him as ragged. Now, he looks like he's constantly out of contol, yet he hardly ever fall off anymore.


So, to the eggspers, what is he doing right that allows him to stay out of shape yet in apparent control?

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I think a lot of it has to do with overall being smoother. If you clamp on the brakes trying to brake late, get to aggressive with the trail braking, and roll on the throttle heavy trying to rocket out of corners not only do you end up going slower but you have a very vague feel of the traction limits. Instead of easing up on the tires limits and feeling what you have left you normally just go straight past what the tires can handle and wreck instead.


He might have had a hard time adjusting to the tires in MotoGP too. Its been nice having Ben Spies do so well because he talks a lot about his experiences and switching from AMA to SBK and now to MotoGP in such a short time he knows a lot of detailed differences about the bikes. I know he said the single biggest difference is the tires and they are very hard to feel the limits of their traction until the last 1/4 of the race or so. It seems like they either grip or they don't and there isn't much in between so maybe Depuniet is finally getting used to that.

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It's been pretty interesting watching Randy these last few races. He certainly stands out as ragged, especially in the company of Lorenzo and co.


I can't help but think that perhaps he's just having a good spell. The way he rides suggests he doesn't have a great awareness of what he's actually doing on the bike, which will make it hard for him to make improvements if he get's to a track and is a little off the pace. I think we'll then see him crashing again as he tries to match the pace of the others by just "pushing harder", or using some other non-specific approach.


Still, take nothing away from the guy, he's bloody quick!



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His qualifying times have been somewhat impressive, for a privateer rider.


I've just watched the Catalunya qualifying (again) and although he didn't end up on pole, he was sure pushing hard. Perhaps like you said Adam, too hard!


Seeing him come out of turn 10 (I think it was) left hander with the rear sliding was neat to watch, but I'm sure not the fastest way to do it...


Then Stoner spacked out, packed a wobbly and took pole! Until Lorenzo with a cool head and an (at the moment) unmatched perfect technique, took it back off him.


There were some great on board shots of Pedrosa, man, was he on the gas hard on that thing!

Just squeezed the throttle on, stood it up a fraction, then, WHAM!!!


Great to watch, and fantastic to listen to!


And by the way, Spies, for the first time on that track, WOW! He sure 'gets' the track early. Great vision.

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I was at the Silverstone Moto GP recently and I have to say RDP was the most exciting rider to watch at the sections of turns I was sitting at anyway! There was a tight left followed by 2 rights then down a straight, now when RDP came around that left his bike went into a highside situation, all you could hear was the crowd gasping, then he apparently saved it and took the first right, after a few laps I realised that he was intentionally taking the series of turns this way and it was spectacular to watch. It reminded me of a post Will put on here a while ago about how he used a similar technique to get through a chicane at willow I think it was, so maybe when you think someone is riding on the edge of out of control, perhaps they are doing exactly what they intended to do. I know before Will ever posted that I would never have imagined using a highside to line the bike up for the next turn, still wouldn't try it!

You also have to remember Casey used to be labelled as a crasher on the LCR Honda then dominated the following year on the Ducati, maybe Randy has discovered the limits of the equipment he's got, I for sure would like to see what he could do with a factory bike!



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Well, if this topic isn't on the verge of being profetical ... Randy de Puniet went down in the German MotoGP at Sachsenring just yesterday, breaking the tibia and fibula (just like Rossi).

The breaking of the leg wasn't even caused by his own crash, but my Mikka Kallio hitting his leg.



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I'm not sure but could have been the race at Assen, Randy was very competitive but you could clearly see his bike bucking around more than most bikes / factory Hondas. Is it his riding style, incorrect setup, or the chassis I can't say. But he impressed me.

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