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Welcome To The Tire Forum

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Welcome to the TIRE Forum.


This is where you can ask your questions and find answers regarding your tires.


Below are some links to answers on some of the more basic questions that have already been asked/answered. Check them out and get a feel for things. If you find what you need, then use the data and have a great ride.


If you need more information, feel free to start a new thread or ask on an existing thread. Who knows, maybe your question will be part of this sticky post.


If you ask a very specific question pertaining to your specific situation, I ask that you try to provide sufficient support data to help me answer your question (bike, track, weather, what tire, track day or racing, street, and other data that pertain.) Help me help you. :)


Lets keep it simple and in the area of tire question for track day riding and racing.


The target of this forum is to educate and thus have riders spend less attention their tires and more on having fun on the track.





Track Day Tires:



Correct Pressures:



Heat Cycles:



Picking Compounds:



Choosing the Right Tire Size:



Does Tire Temperature Count?:


Where to get racing tires:



Flipping Tires:



Bluing on rubber surface.



Tire Gauges:


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Great Steve, thanks for organizing that, handy!


One addition to what Steve has posted about this section (and the forum overall): And that is, we do not consider educate to a be a one way activity. Chime in, interact, ask your questions (even if they have been asked before, you might get politely referred to another post, who cares!).





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Nice meeting you in person Sunday at Road Atlanta. Even though I've read the forum here thoroughly, I still picked up some new stuff at the lunchtime tire talk. By the way, the Q2s were all day solid at the pressures you recommended and they wore really well. I'm not the fastest guy out there but having confidence in your tires is a major hurdle for some to start pushing it to the next level. Thanks.


Cliff Ramsdell

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Welcome WonBy1!


Skip the q2's and go for the q3's. ALL tires should be scuffed in before being pushed hard. How fast can you scuff them will depend on your abilities, the riding surface, temps and so on. We commonly mount up a set of q3's and take it easy for a lap, then go hard (many times, we don't even take the sticker off lol). Bear in mind that some rider's "take it easy" is much, much faster than your average rider.


100 miles is waaaaaayyyyyyy overkill, but do what makes you feel confident.

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I prefer to not leave the stickers on simply because I don't feel I can accurately balance the tire plus I really don't like the stickiness and rock collection for the first few laps


But for scuff in, I ride around a 5 mile loop for the streetbike where I increase lean with each subsequent turn and can reach to within about 1/2" of the edge of the rear and 1" of the edge of the front at sub 50 speeds. On the track, I use the first few turns just like I would with cold tires- increasing speed and lean as I go and often within the first lap or so it is all go.

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