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My Race After The Accident

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had a big crash a month ago and had miner injuries ( thank GOD ), my right wrist still hurts and i can not run or walk for long distances because of my right knee but still wanted to ride so I had the opportunity the next race, the bike was ready as i.


I did not have the opportunity to do the free practice ( I did not want to abuse my injury ) so I went for the qualifying round and on the second lap at the final turn the rear tire slipped fast then it had grip so my body was off the bike but my hands were still on the handle bar, did not crash but the bike was shaking on every strait line so I went to the pits to look what is causing it and found out that the steering damper was ripped from its place, I toke it off and had to enter the race with out it.


To be honest I was not fast that day not because of the damper problem but because I am AFRAID that I may crash again but I had to try and finished 6th for 11 racers.





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I think it's only natural to be afraid of another crash, especially after only a month. That said you got back out there and it sounds like you were competative even with the damper issue. Especially considering you are still hurting from the crash. Good on ya!

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thank you for your kind words.




Have you done any of the schools yet...just want to know what I might be able to refer to.


What was the crash: what happened, what track, etc.




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i did level 1 but did not have the chance to do any more since then, i ride in Reem track in Saudi Arabia.

the crash happened in a race and i was 3ed and was caching the guy in 2nd place, in a left turn i was going 100mph+ the bike just lost control and started sliding, i was going strait to the iron barrier and hit it with my back and the rear of my helmet at hi speed.

i was unconscious for 40 minuets. i had 2 back protectors, one of them split in half. my right wrist and my right knee were hurting a lot but with no broken bones and i cud not walk in a strait line ( i had to take medication for that ).

the bike was not damaged but i wanted to find out what happened, the ride was a very ruff one, but i still managed to get 2 seconds from the track record. after qualifying i told a friend that i am having a very ruff ride and the bike is not responding very well so he told me to add this amount of preload and this amount of compression so i did, i did not know that the preload was at full hard so in the race when i started the race in braking the front just stayed down.

i also think that the rear Ohlins shock is out of power so i just send it to be refreshed.

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