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Had A Great Experience

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Did Level 1,2 and 3 in India this weekend.


To be precise " I did things I never thought I could do." The drills were so so much fun to do. My body was getting tired by the end of Level III, but my mind refused to stop.


Special thanks to all the guys from the school. I was lucky enough to interact directly with


Keith Code ("Guru" : Got my TOTW books signed :D)

Andy Ibbott (Level III body position, great to work with)

Steve Brouggy (Level I classroom sessions - Great teacher )

Darren Sweetman (Darren was one of the guys who helped make my mind up to go to school (via the forum), he was also my Level III coach, was awesome working with you)

Glenn (My Level II coach, helped me greatly with apexes and RP's)

Appanna (My Level I coach, corrected a lot of very basic mistakes)

Dylan Code (Level II classroom sessions - Made complex things appear so simple)


Last but not the least

Gary (Makes a tough job look simple)


Was riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I will try to post pictures as I get them.

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Excellent, first report on the India schools, glad to hear this!





First picture sent to me by a friend. The gain in confidence, technique and skills at the school is simply mindblowing.


There is still a lot of/huge scope for improvement and I already want to go to the school again. As soon as possible.


Will post more pictures as they come through from the official photographer.


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Keith put a note on our website about you guys (and a photo) said you guys are fast!

I must be looking in all the wrong places, 'cause I can't find Keith's note.


Cobie, could you post a link please?


Thanks, Kai

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On the home page of the website http://www.superbikeschool.com/ there is a space for updates/twitter comments.


Right now there is a link to a video of the India trip. Got a good interview with Keith, and information about the India school.


Have a look!



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I must say that being invited to coach in India was a priviledge and I have no regrets in going, exactly the opposite actually. The whole trip was amazing and the students were fantastic to work with. We had the full gambit from your average road rider up to national champions and I loved working with all of them.


I hope that it continues and that I am invited back again and again.


Thanks to all involved and Vaibhav, keep up the good work.



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