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Andy Ibbott Official Annoucement

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As some of you are starting to now discover, (as it's been announced in the UK press and filtered out to some forums) Our UK school director Andy Ibbott is currently very unwell after a relatively minor operation turned more complex and he subsequentally suffered a stroke. Initially he was very critical indeed, however, he's made very good progress already in the first week since this happened, as you would expect if you knew him as well the crew do, he's a tough fella.


Whilst he is recovering far in advance of the doctors expectations, he remains very unwell and will remain in hospital for a while, We have no idea of when he will be coming back to school right now, as it's only a week since this all happened, but we hope that he'll be back with us as soon as possible. In the meantime, whilst we cannot replace him and his presence at the school, the school will continue in his absence, with no changes expected to the current schedule for 2011.


Many of us in the crew have been to see him, we'd like to request right now that if there are any well wishers, please do go through the school office of the school at: Superbike School Ltd

2280, Silverstone Technology Park,

Silverstone Circuit



NN12 8GX


I will make sure that we keep everyone upto date on his progress here on the forum,






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Many thanks for the update Bullet. If well wishes make for any kind of medicine at all I'm sure he will recover soon because there are a lot of folks pulling for him. Please tell Andy that he and his family are in our thoughts.




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Oh bollocks - but good to hear that he's recovering well. I guess he has some experience in recovering that he can put to good use now B)


Hopefully Andy hasn't lost his good sense of humour and won't feel offended by the above pun (Andy broke is back in a race once, which caused him to quit racing).




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