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Ktm Rc8 Adjustability

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i currently own an rc8 and 1 of the reasons for me buying the rc8 was the mass of adjustability the bike has :


adjustable rear sets

seat height adjustability

rear sub-frame height adjustability


now the latter one (subframe) im a bit dubious about this as i adjusted it in the garage to feel what difference it would really make and to be honest it felt not good, the adjustability range is only about 8mm or so but it really felt that it was putting my body weight so much far foward it felt like i didnt have a lot of strength in my lower body to clamp onto the bike correcly


so what would be the advantage of the subframe adjustability ?


cheers jim

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I'd be interested to know the "proper" answer. You'll adjust the height of the C of G as you're also adjusting the rider, plus you'll alter the height vs. the bars, this will depend on how you want it to feel and your height. I was going over some bikes with a tape measure to compare my SV's riding position to GSXR, Fireblade, anything I could get my hands on (not that many so far). The bars are pretty much level with the seat so your 8mm can go a long way.

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Ahhh.. RC8... I love the fact that you can set it up for some comfortable touring but also have a competent track bike.


I'd say the adjustable sub-frame would just be another thing like adjustable steering head angle and adjustable swingarm mounts. Does the RSV4 also have adjustments for engine position? Great if you want to go to the trouble of tweaking all those things, I'd guess it all comes down to rider preference/style and even individual tracks. One thing is for sure - the RC8 loves to carry alot of lean angle.

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