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Newly Registered Trackaholic

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Just posting up to introduce myself.


Chris here.


Been riding since I was a kid, Street for the last 12 years and track riding for the last year.


Totally hooked on track riding and getting faster everytime I go so I figured it's time to learn proper technique and practices before anything I may be doing wrong gets pounded in my head forever.


Enrolled in my first day with CSS in August at VIR. August 16th. Waiting for a confirmation to secure my spot.


Love VIR! Have ridden VIR Full, South and North and North and South are by far my favorite so I'm looking forward to honing in my skills more with CSS.


Thanks for reading and look forward to meeting fellow riders and CSS staff in August



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Welcome. This site will help. So will the school. I'd love to do CSS on a track I was familiar with. I'll bet that increases the learning. You don't have to focus on learning the track. Have fun.

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Welcome to the site Chris! That's good thinking to get some schooling before the bad habits are to ingrained. CSS was my first track experience but I had some bad habits from years of street riding and the classes have really helped me understand why they are bad and that makes it much easier to exorcise them.


I'll be at VIR for another level 4 on 8/16 so we'll have to meet up and shake hands (you can't miss me - white leathers w/gray & black trim and my name WHITE on the back). It'll be interesting to see what you think of the school especially since you know VIR.




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Hi Chris,


You have already been welcomed, so I'll just +1 on that.


Really like going to VIR...look forward to it each time!




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