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New From Holland!

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Hi All,


I'm Marcel from Holland! and wanted to say hi.

Ive being looking around for a good track training and I'm advised to do a Superbike School. Is it really that good? ;-)


3 years after a small ride on my brothers motorcycle i decided to get my own driver license. After 3 months i finally got the damn paper! Bought myself an R1 2003 and started riding.

After 3 months and an incident i decided to buy an R6 2008 from a friend. What a bike! Damn! Few weeks later my brother bought a track bike and wanted to do track day. Why else would you buy a track bike?

I went a long and did a couple of sessions on the bike and really wanted to have my own track bike. After looking on some internet sites i spotted an 600RR from 2004, and bought the bike. After 1 season i didn't really got real friends with the 600RR and bought myself an R6 2009.






All pictures above are from the sweet Assen TT :-)

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Hi Buckie, and welcome!


Keith Code's books and video/DVD's will give you a taste of what the school is about...don't bother to ask me, I'm biased!




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Welcome to the forum Buckie. Unlike Spidey and Cobie, I am most certainly not a CSS coach so I can speak without any employment bias – yes CSS is that good. I've written reviews of levels 1-4 if you are interested:


Level 1:



Level 2:



Levels 3& 4 (2 day camp):



Good luck and don't be afraid to jump in and participate in the threads, we're a (generally) friendly bunch.





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