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Silverstone Stowe Or Not?

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I want to book up Level 3 this year in the UK, looks like it's all Silverstone. I did level 1 at the Stowe layout and level 2 and the new confguration, Southern I think? Anyway it's an extra £30 to ride on a track configuration other than Stowe, which has about half a dozen bends and isn't very fast (as far as I can remember). I'd have been vastly disappointed if it were a track day, although for L1 it was ideal. So should I spin the extra money for a different circuit for L3? Or is Stowe adequate for what I'm going to be learning? My BP needs some major input, I don't know if a track with more variation of speed and corners is going to be a help or a hindrance.

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I think Stowe will be just fine. I did my first Level 3 and 4 on Silverstone South and while it's a nice open track for racing or track days, you do spend some time on straights that (IMHO) I'd like to have spent on working with the turns.





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Well, we have three configurations we use at Silverstone. The Southern part of the main circuit, also known as the International circuit (working out of the new F1 pits under the Wing Building), the northern part of the main circuit, known as the National circuit working out of the old pits and the Stowe circuit which is the small, self-contained circuit in the middle. Now I know that the Stowe circuit isn't ever going to host a MotoGP but from a learning experience, it beats the others hands down, regardless of the Level you are doing. The classroom, pits and hospitality are all better and the circuit, although short, means you get a higher repetition of corners. The biggest advantage is that you will get more time with your Coach. The longer the track the less time we have to work with each student on track. Places like Istanbul Park and Qatar are a nightmare from a coaching point of view! The only real downside to Stowe is that you do get a bit of bunching up with riders but next year we're only allowing 21 students on track in each session (24 normally) and if you do find yourself in a big bunch, a ride through the pits is usually enough to get you some clear track.

Having said that, riding the National or International means tackling some of the same corners as the MotoGP/ WSB/ BSB heroes plus if you have a race or track day booked there, what better way to learn the circuit than with CSS?!

Hopefully see you in 2012!

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April seemed to be the best month last year for riding. Did level 1 over the Easter weekend and you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was the height of summer, perfect weather all day. Went back in June to do level 2 and it was overcast and threatened rain throughout the whole day. It's England so you've simply got to book on and hope for the best.

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