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Reference Material For Suspension Setup?


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Cool. Is that a book and is it still available?


I've Mr. Trevott's book "Sportbike Suspension Tuning" and a few various posts around the internet. I'll probably start putting theory to practice this week as I get my ZX6's suspension set back to where it should be (it's the poor victim of my stupidity).


I've also heard that Traxxion has a good DVD that I'll order.


However, it's kinda like learning karate by reading a book - it just doesnt quite work. Having an experienced master showing you how and then watching you do it while providing feedback can be worth reading an entire library of books.

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Dave Moss has some cool suspension videos online, I think they were part of an "On the Throttle" series. If you Google Dave Moss suspension videos you should be able to find them. The part I liked best was him showing worn tires and explaining how different suspension setups would wear the tire differently, it was very enlightening to see the examples and they came across much better on video than they would have in a photo.


I agree with Tweek, suspension tuning is complex and nothing compares to working with someone AT THE TRACK, making changes then immediately riding it to get (and then give them) immediate feedback. This may be less expensive than you think - my local track day has a provider on site that for $40 will set you up with a starting point and then allow you to come back throughout the day to give feedback and play with different settings.

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It is. Got it off of Amazon. I've exhausted it and you can have mine. My bad though, it mostly focuses on raceday stuff. Lots of good 1970s hair and robert-plant jeans, plus fun writing -- including "Mind Wobbles" and "Berzerking" which avid readers might recognise.

Andy Ibbott on the other hand has an Appendix, "Suspension Education," co-written with Keith Code (where Sag Rules)



Has anybody read?

  1. Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible (Motorbooks Workshop) by Paul Thede Paperback $23.09 ?
  2. Motorcycle Dynamics (Second Edition) by Vittore Cossalter Paperback $39.06 ?


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Yes on the Racetech suspension bible. I recommend it highly.


There will be a little overlap with the Sportbike Suspension Tuning book, but it goes so much deeper. Certainly worth the money.

I found quite an overlap between the two books wen I read them. Personally, I'd go with the Trevitt book alone.

(Your milage may vary).


I still want Dave Moss on the sideline for trackdays. He's quite hardcore when it comes to reading tyre wear and dialing in suspensions.


Here's a great 100minute show where he explains how to read tire wear: Dave Moss Unsprung: Tire Wear



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However, it's kinda like learning karate by reading a book




I appreciate the book / master distinction.


Given the gold-dust nature of tracktime, I wonder how one might make off-track homework and media more impactful?


Apple just came out with iBooks Author, which allows one to create rich-content textbooks. Would that offer one way to improve homework I wonder.


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