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Where Do You Ride How?


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  1. 1. The way I ride

    • Track only, fast as I can
    • Track only, but without taking (much) risks
    • Street in a careful manner + track carefully
    • Street in a careful manner + track fast as I can
    • Street briskly + track carefully
    • Street briskly + track fast as I can
    • Street fast as I can + track fast as I can
    • Wherever and whenever I can in a reckless manner
    • Wherever and whenever I can in a sensibly manner
    • Street only, carefully
    • Street only, briskly
    • Street only with no regard of safety

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Interesting poll.


I like to play with the corners. Otherwise, on the street, you have to at least double the speed limit for it to feel fast.


I have too many school loans to afford to ride on the track. :lol:

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Street briskly + track as fast as I can.


But just to clarify that - "as fast as I can" does not mean riding more comfortably than I can, or risking a crash.


Actually an interesting thing that I noticed from my last couple of track days was that the majority of crashes happened in the slow group (Intermediate Slow). And that would have been around... 8-10 crashers over two days, two of them receiving a complementary ride in an ambulance. My group (Intermediate Fast) was only red flagged once over two days. The Advanced group I cannot remember being red flagged at all. The very slow group (first timers and very nervous people in Novice) actually seemed to be able to stay mostly upright as well.


I would say that "riding carefully" has far more to do with actually knowing how to ride, rather than what speed you're doing. Reminds me of alot of the "speed kills" propaganda that governments pump out, people take this onboard not knowing any better, and they automatically assume that slow = safe. In contrast to that, I'm now more confident in my riding than ever before, and riding faster than ever before - by a fair margin I think. (Much credit due to CSS for that!)


Also I want to know who said wherever and whenever in a reckless manner?! blink.giflaugh.gifohmy.gif

Not that I can really expect them to own up... haha tongue.gif

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