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Good Evening All From Rain Ridden Glasgow

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hi folks..............i just joined the site and want to say hello...............................im from rainy glasgow in scotlandsad.gif and ride a k8 gixxer thoubiggrin.gif....................................i love track dayscool.gif but rarely get there due to family commitmentswink.gif but im lucky enough to ride for a living so sunny days are fun days cool.gif

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Hi diesel, welcome to the forum!


Another Gixxer fan... I have the K6 myself - this one is a keeper! Don't let the rain keep you indoors, just get out there! biggrin.gif Although I suppose if you ride for a living, you're not afraid of a little water!


Feel free to jump into any threads and leave your own comments, or ask questions of your own. Cya 'round the forums. smile.gif





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Welcome Diesel! Looking forward to reading your posts. What do you do for a living?


And tell us about you riding, is there something specific you are working on?




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hI Diesel,



Nice to have you on here man. A few of us brits about, and as you'll see/find, a really great community from all over the world.



As was mentioned, chime in, tell everyone about yourself.




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