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Hello From Ky

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Hi everyone!


My name is Chris, 38yrs old and I am an avid track/street rider from Kentucky. I have been riding nearly all my adult life, most of that time spent on standard and cruiser style bikes.


I am looking to continue and improve on my riding by maybe taking the CSS one day. I have watched Twist of the Wrist II countless times and still learn something I missed with each review and when I reach a new level, it seems there is a whole new set of skills and factors that are addressed in the video. When I ask questions, expect them to be very specific and detailed. My wife tells me I have OCD about my riding lol.


Here are a few pics of last years track days. Thanks to much research, seat time and the helpful rider coaches at Mid-Ohio,I have learned so much this year. I learned that you don't have to drag knee to go fast and when bad things happen, you can remain calm, cool and in control. I made the jump from the I group to the A group this year as well. I have gone the fastest I have ever gone, it has been exhilarating with a strong sense of freedom. And family and friends at the track makes it a special time for me.






I know I have much to learn and am exited for next season.

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Yea, this year I have seen the biggest improvements and a burst in speed that I really can't explain, I guess I just got comfortable. I did spend way to much time in N and I groups but I am glad I did. As a matter of fact, I still ride my ninja 250 from time to time to focus on skills. That bike just feels like it allows me to focus on me.... if you know what I mean.


The bike is a 06, bone stock aside of some powder coated parts and wheels. Although my last track day I did do -1 to the front sprock to get some extra drive.

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