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Hi From Adelaide, Australia

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Hi there, my name is Rob. I have been riding road bikes for the past 9 years. Prior to that I rode some trail bikes earlier in the piece (35 years ago)!


We have a bit of a goat track in Adelaide called Mallala Raceway, however I have ridden Phillip Island 5 times in 8 years.


I ride an old '96 GSXR750 as a track bike and have a 2009 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 as my daily ride.


I went to the Island without knowing anything about the CSS but since then I have read TOTW 1 & 2 and seen the video many, many times. My first timed lap at the Island was a staggeringly slow 2 min 43 sec!


Each time I can, I pick up TOTW and re-read each one. I try to put into practice what I read and so far I have managed to get my time to a slightly more respectable 2 min 7 sec.


I am going to come to the US and do a 2 day camp as I want to hit a sub 2 min lap on my next try there. (My best mate does consistant 1 min 57 sec, so I have to try to stay with him).


I know I need to work on body position and timing, with right handers being my nemesis. I call myself Mr Freeze because that is what I do when I get into a right hander, too fast for my comfort level. I have to talk to myself (yell sometimes too) to pull on the left grip as I cannot get my right hand to push on the bar as it seems to be locked!


Anyway, I'd love to be able to use all the 'toys' (slide bike etc) when I go, so look out America! :-)


Cheers for now,


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Hi Rob,


Welcome to the forum!


Glad you have gotten some good data from Keith's material, we review it pretty constantly ourselves and continue to find gems in there!


If you come over, check with the office first to make sure we can run the different training bikes. They are not possible at all schools, and some are also weather dependant. And if right handers are a weakness, I'd suggest you think about going to a right hand track, so we can really work that over and get it sorted! Or at least one of the track we do in both directions, like Streets of Willow Springs, or Las Vegas.




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Welcome to the forum Rob. I have to admit to a serious bit of evny; Phillip Island is top of the bucket list for tracks I want to ride. What an amazing venue!


You will love the two day camp when you take it. The smaller number of students really ups the camaraderie and you get to spend quite a bit of time with your coaches (much to Cobie’s dismay when he saw me arrive :lol: ). It’s also a pretty busy two days with 7 track sessions, 5 briefings, and all the off-track toys so it will wear you out.


I look forward to reading your posts. And if you have any pix, post ‘em up.




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Thanks for the welcome.


I'll know more of when I can come over when I get my work schedule for next year. I do fly in, fly out, work and I will try for either the Willow Springs or Las Vegas tracks, as suggested.


I know I can do the school in Oz, but I really want the experience of trying out all your cool toys as well! (And the bragging rights of saying I did the CSS in the U.S.)

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