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Hello From Tennessee

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Greetings from the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. I attended my first California Superbike School last year during the summer and loved it. Also managed to get in a couple of track days at VIR North and Barber, both great tracks. That said, I've signed up for level II at Barber in June.


Although I'm fairly new to sport bike riding, I've been riding for many decades and have truly been bit by the "track addiction" bug. I've always been the kind of rider who tries to learn something everyday and I value the knowledge gained from this school and the track experience as a whole. Riding at speed requires skills not easily duplicated on the street due to the lack of control over road conditions, traffic, acts of god, etc. Here in the mountains, we have many blind corners that hold a host of dangers (i.e. gravel across roadway, car pulling out of a hidden driveway, etc) that can result in a crash.


As I prefer not to crash, it takes a different venue to get the most out of your machine. While my riding ability does not match my bike's true capability, I've found myself improving and it show's through quicker lap times. Thanks Keith and your great staff at the California SuperBike School; I truly appreciate the effort and hard work you all put in to make this organization top rate!.


Don DeVine


01 Triumph TT600

Kilted Racing

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...bit by the "track addiction" bug...


Welcome to the forum Don! A few years ago I made the same statement to Lizzy (of Lizzy's Leathers - great girl if you need leather work) while she was altering my first set of leathers. I'll tell you just what she told me..."Drugs are cheaper". :o


All kidding aside, we're glad to have you. Jump in the forums and start posting, we love hearing about new members.




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