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Casey Stoner Racing Cars

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I'm with you Cobie. I'm sure I'm not he only one who thought about Rossi's flirtations with the Scuderia a few years ago. Apparently he was fast enought to make it at least plausible. Of course the cash he could bring with him didn't hurt...


I wish we could see some of those V8 Supercar races here in the US, maybe they'll be on YouTube.

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It would be interesting to see for sure. . Michael Schumacher went from the pinnacle of the sport to try his hand in motorcycle racing. Heard he was somewhat competitive in some classifications but not at the upper echelons. Would be interesting to see going the other way.

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The V8 Supercars will be in Texas in May 17th to 19th. Casey will not be there because he runs in a development category (basically last years cars spec).


He did pretty well at the Clipsl 500 (my home race) starting rear of grid (due to a separate issue) and finished 14th. A pretty good job I reckon.


Holden (GM), Ford, Nissan and AMG Mercedes are now all part of the new Future Car V8 series. They 'dumb' the car engines down to 650 hp for parity with the aero packages developing approx 355Kg (780 lbs) of downforce at 200Kph (125mph).

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