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Njmp Aug 26

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For medical reasons I have to cancel but I'm going to be a spectator while my friend does school. Any suggestions how to make the most of it? I've studied Twist, Twist2, the video, and Soft Science. I keep cycling through them as I'm convince Keith's way is incredible. I started going through his forum articles and it just occurred to me to ask if I can volunteer. I can't tell you how disappointed I am to miss out on being a student but I believe everything happens as it should, even the negative stuff. I was signed up for 26-7, I know I'm going to make a friend or two and a rider from one of my riding groups is going to be there too. The three of us are riding down from NYC metro...me and Chris from Central Long Island and the third from the City itself. We're riding down the day before so we're fresh on the day. If anyone else wants to join us...the more the merrier. One thing I'm not sure about is which track Thunderbolt, Lightening, or some combination of the two are used for the School. I want to familiarize myself with the track as much as possible as well. Any and all input is welcome. Thanks. Nic aka Shakabusa

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Things have changed and I'm attending! Very excited and wondering if anyone else who reads this will be attending the session for Monday and Tuesday August 26-7. I'd really like to chat it up with anyone who is so we could have some early comraderie. Thanks.

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Thanks Kai,

I'm little nervous because I really thought I had it together and then I realized I completely missed the concept of quick flick turning. Its a big mistake but if I don't work it in by School time, I'll just have to learn it then. Its just embarrassing since I've been saying how well I've absorbed the concepts from the book and video. Its a little silly but that's how it is. Again thanks!


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...I really thought I had it together and then I realized I completely missed the concept of ...but if I don't work it in by School time, I'll just have to learn it then.


One of the the most important things I realized when I finished all four levels of the Superbike School [the first time] was how much I had to un-learn first. As a self taught street rider, there was much I used to do that was totally wrong and those self taught mistakes actually held me back as a rider.


As I progressed thru the Levels and integrated their training into my riding, I came to fully accept that I could not have gotten there from here. I did read the Twist vols 1 & 2 but reading gave me theoretical knowledge, on the track it became something totally different. Reading is not the same doing and having a highly trained (that's an understatement BTW) Superbike School Instructor talk you thru the drills; then have your equally highly trained CSS Coach lead you on the track and then follow you on the track observing how you executed these drills and then have them debrief you with very specific feedback is an awakening the likes of which you have never had; I promise you at a minimum it will improve how you currently ride - the only question is how much? That part is up to you!


Nic, it will all make so much more sense to you next week.



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So, how did it go? What did you learn?

Eirik...I didn't learn a thing. Serious illness in my family made it impossible for me to attend. You can only imagine how disappointed I was. Things work out for the best and instead of doing two days consecutively, I'm going to do one day in May...absorb the experience and apply it to my riding and then do another day in August. I'll do the same thing next year.
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