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Wow!!! Didn't know there would be that many coaches there. That's awesome! How many students are usually in a class?


For a single-day school there are three students per coach per group, and there are three rider groups that rotate from class to track to break time. A coach will be assigned to you and will find you and say hello as you go out for your first riding session (unlike some other schools where you have to pick a coach and ASK if you want anyone to work with you). Then there is some additional staff like Level 4 consultant(s), seminarists that give the classroom briefings, and off-track coaches to handle the available off-track bikes for steering drill, etc.


In two-day camps there are 2 students per coach per group, and two groups.

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I'm happy to see that one coach will be focusing on three students at a time. This makes things 100 times better when it comes to teaching. I can't wait to be there! I looked at the extended forecast, looks like thunderstorms on the day of class.


Don't lose any sleep over that. They commonly forecast late afternoon thunderstorms in the high desert on hot days, but it rarely actually rains; the track is situated in an area that gets VERY little rain - one of the charms of that Streets of Willow racetrack.

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