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Hey everyone,


New to the forum but not to CSS. I took all 4 levels at Barber Motorsports Park and my friend Jeff who I met at the school told me about the forums so I thought I might pop in and see if I could pick up some additional knowledge in the process.


A bit about me. I discovered motorcycles later in life and have only been riding for around 3 years. Those three years have been quite exciting to me because I have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. I have bought 6 bikes in my short time of riding. I have a couple of Yamaha R6's (one street one track), Yamaha FZR400, MV Agusta F4 and a couple of Harleys which despite their reputation are simply wonderful to ride. Hopefully my acquisition trend will slow down one of these days because in a few more years I won't have any room left. :)


I have been doing track days with Sportbike Track Time mostly at Barber Motorsports Park due to it being such a wonderful place in general and only being a short hop from Atlanta. I have been learning a ton about myself and about riding in general doing trackdays. My main track bike has been a 1989 Yamaha FZR400. I picked the FZR after I rode a friends 1988 FZR400 and was astonished how wonderful it handled. Next year I'll be trying a 2003 R6 that I recently acquired from a racer that left the sport in 2007 but held onto his cherished track bike until I came along. It's litterally a fire breathing monster tuned for 110 octane fuel with lots of cool add on's. I hope to make some more improvements with a slightly more modern machine that fits my large frame a bit better.


I'm planning on doing Level 4 again at Barber next year. Looking forward to seeing next year's schedule.


Here's a photo of me and one of my favorite bikes. If you see me at Barber come and say hi.



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