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What Does It Take To Be A Coach?

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See this thread for a detailed description with a LOT of info:



To answer your specific questions, yes you can be regional, and it can be full or part time. Racing experience is a requirement, however, not all coaches started out as racers, some tried out for coaching first and THEN went racing specifically to meet the racing requirement to be a coach.


There's definitely a lot more to it than just riding skill, you need good communication skills, a willingness to go through a VERY rigorous and specific training program, the ability to work with a lot of different types of people, and you have to be OK with riding in all sorts of conditions. It's a job that is harder than it looks but a lot more rewarding than I imagined. :)

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As I recall, the brits don't have a hard requirement on racing. But this could just be down to my bad memory...


BTW, it's been a long time since I've seen any of the British coaches posting. Are they lost in the fog or sum'thin'?

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Actually it is not 100% solid on the racing requirement, if all other skills are there. In years past, no one that had not raced was really an option. More recently with the advent of so many track days so easily, there have been some solid riders that have not raced.


In the end, if all is there (including the needed riding skill) I won't insist, but I do look for it as plus.




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