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Shakabusa To Becomes Shakabeemer

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I'm now a proud S1000RR owner as of yesterday. My Busa started shimming in the front end after I put 23k miles on it year last year...did I love that bike! I realized I didn't want to turbo a bike with that much mileage as I would have to go all the way down to the main bearings. So there was only one choice for a replacement and that was BMW. Its the only bike I would spend a bunch of money on as nothing else has the bang for the buck. Since I asked the Chief some time back should I modify the Busa or get a liter bike, I thought some members would get a kick out of these facts and I have to say the Beemer is a joy to corner and turns that were a major challenge for me to get through at speed are now just places where I can twist the throttle with authority. It would be great to hear from owners and members who have ridden them at School to help me understand what more I have to look forward to


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Its a '13 and it had 3 miles on it when I drove off the lot. I had a tough time with the color because they all looked good. Originally I had the red written up on my sales invoice and then I started to think the white, blue, and red was the way to go. Finally I saw a black one with lots of carbon fiber on it in a You tube video and my mind was made up. Mine doesn't have the carbon on it yet so I will have lots of incentive to save. The black is stealthy and understated. Whan I stopped for a coke at my favorite biker bar yesterday I heard one buddy whisper to another saying "that was the new Beemer" as they walked past, and the other one responded "yeah, I noticed". This is exactly the level of fame I aspire to (other than the level where people know you are super rich because then I would have my own race course). For exhaust I'm going to go with Brocks because I really like the sound and they give a healthy power increase. The growl is substantial although the stock pipe sounds pretty darn good in a much different way and the looks are right there as well. Therefore, I won't be in a mad rush to change the pipe. I got more than one surprise with this bike. BMW does a pretty smart thing by putting a 9000rpm rev limiter on it but I didn't know this as I drove off from the dealer. Imagine my surprise when it started to stumble later on that day as I wound it up some. It didn't take me long to guess what that was wrong and the realization that the bike is significantly faster put a smile on my face; All the more since I had been riding about in the "rain" traction control mode

for about an hour. If you haven't been on a S1k let me explain that rain mode really puts a damper on the fun side of things (but it could save a life and I love the way it keeps wheelies from being a big problem). Getting the rev limiter defused is pretty high on my priorities. It happens at 600 miles. If it weren't for bad weather it would be happening tomorrow...my third day of ownership. Saying this bike is a joy to ride is an understatement since, for one reason, I wanted it so bad. But by way of another more resonable explanation is its because its such a great bike. Of all the reviews I've read, I can't reall not even one negative word written. This is a cornering forum. This bike is all about cornering and does so in a silky smooth and precise manner. OK I guess I'm getting a bit carried away but suffice to say, I love the bike and any and all words of advise and information would be most appreciated.

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