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Hello From Los Angeles

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I've been riding off and on for 10 years on the street. The one thing on my bucket list is to drag a knee (maybe elbow) around a corner, something till this day I would not dare to do on the streets. I always knew when I did do it I would do it on the track, and perfect it there as well. I've ridden all types of bikes but only owned really fast ones :)


I feel I'm at 60% of my target when it comes to comfort when leaning in corners. 90% for high speed cruising and 70% for braking. I guess how this translates is I need to further develop my corning and braking techniques. Which is why I'm here. I've heard about this school for some time and finally have some money saved up for 2014. I'm hoping to take some courses on one of the BMW bikes and maybe bring one of my own bikes into the mix afterwards.


I look forward to reading about your experiences and picking your brains to prepare me for my own.


Excited to be here.





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Welcome! If you make it out for a camp, ride the brake bike. Sometimes when people are interested in improving brakes it can be mind-blowing!

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I stayed at the Staybridge in Lancaster when I took Level I & II at Willow in 2009. It's a 30min drive but its a great hotel and it has a kitchen so you don't have to blow a lot of cash on food.


Congrats on committing to the 2-day course! I have done all the levels since then, and even did a few over again because I learn SO MUCH every time I ride with the CSS crew. You're in good hands!

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Officially signed up for April 21 2-day course at Willow, I'm so excited! Now I have to make a shopping list of things to bring etc..


So far all I have is:


-AGV Helmet

-Alpine Stars full gloves

-Dianese Track boots


Can anyone point me to a thread to help me out??


Hotel recomendations?


At the two day camp the school provides nearly everything you need - food, water, gear, bike, etc. You will be either in class or on the bike almost all the time. If you have something special you want to eat or drink you might want to bring that; sunscreen if you prefer your own; should probably bring a jacket, the mornings in the desert are usually quite cool even if the forecast predicts a hot day. Bring/wear something comfortable to wear under your leathers - some use a mesh undersuit (the school offers these for sale) and many use UnderArmour, which works really well. I use HotGear apparel from UnderArmour (or ColdGear in winter), it helps keep you cool and makes it easy to get in and out of the leathers.


All the hotel choices are 20-30 minutes away from the track. The Inn of Lancaster is good, and the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn Express near Ave J or K are both nice. Avoid the Devonshire, it is the closest motel but it's not a good place to stay.

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