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Cadwell Park Monday 23Rd June

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Well the weather held and we had a good day. Myself and a friend were in the intermediates group, which turned out to be one of the fastest inters groups I've ridden in. The day was fully booked so there were faster guys in all the groups, who just booked whatever places were left, and a friend of mine who races in Bemsee looked at the pictures and said there were at least 5 race bikes in my group. Anyway had a great time, all the level 1-3 stuff came out at some point except the hook turn (totally forgot) and was feeling good by the end of the day. I only do the odd track day so there is a fair shift between road riding style and track.


All mixed but I'm on the SV650, easy enough to spot that one! To be honest I was riding with a friend so tried too hard to go fast rather than getting a bit of practice in of the various techniques. A real plus though was that most of the time I made a mistake, or felt I was going slow somewhere, I also felt I knew what I was supposed to do about it, so in some cases managed to iron things out. That's what CSS has done for me.

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