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My First Track Experience...

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Dear all,


New on the forum...just registered after my first time on a track ever, which I did with CSS at New Jersey Motorsports Park at the end of August. I am from France, lived in the US (New York) for a while and then moved back to France to work... But I am going quite often to the US for work. So following the advice of a friend of mine who is an experienced racer, I decided to hijack a working trip to New York to go for my first track experience with the CSS crew...


I don't know where to start. It was probably one of the most exciting, thrilling, addictive, fun thing I have ever done. Everything was fantastic. The organisation was just flawless. And after just two days, I was just surprised... I just did not think that it was possible to progress so much in such a short time. Perfect briefings by Dylan, followed by track sessions....just great. But the main thing is the following: progressing is one great thing...sure...but what is much better than that is the fact that I enjoyed every single lap better than the previous one, thanks to the riding technique I was being taught.


Anyway... I would also like to specially thank Gerry, my coach during these two days. Besides being just a super nice guy, his coaching was perfect. I enjoyed working with him a lot, and I hope I will work with him again ! He was patient (you know, my first time on a track so I cannot say I started very well (-: !), his advices were spot on, he was fun, he was helping me analyse myself my mistakes to try and correct them (which is by far the best way to go !)...well...Mr. Gerry, if you ever read this, I cannot thank you enough ! Let's go for levels 3 & 4 !


Conclusions: I am totally hooked. I am now back in France, looking for getting racing gear for myself to go and ride on tracks here...and I am looking forward my next trip to the US for another 2-day camp with CSS !

Thanks again to the whole crew, Gerry, Dylan, Mike, Pete, Lara, Connor, Josh...and all the others (sorry I don't remember all the names !). You guys made me discover something completely new and just amazing.



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Damien welcome to the "hooked" club.

If your not aware CSS has a European branch based on the Island just north of France. Nothing a little swim can't overcome. Beware though, they talk with a weird accent and drive on the wrong side of the road. :P



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