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So, motorcycle track riding / racing are activities that some would associate with "adrenaline junkies" - those folks that get a kick out of basically terrifying themselves for entertainment. I think the term "speed freak" is just another way to say the same thing.


Is that actually part of the attraction for any of you folks?


Personally, I think I am the opposite. Yes, there is an element of fear (for lack of a better word) every time I brake a bit later and throw the bike into a particular corner faster than I ever have before. But I don't really enjoy that feeling of anxiety. Similarly, on a really long straight where the speeds approach 140 mph, I find it unnerving, at least for the first few laps, but I don't get a kick out of that either. That feeling is more like a necessary evil in the overall project of trying to set the best lap time possible.


For me the enjoyment is in the challenge. Not the anxiety itself but the ability to overcome it, or even suppress it, in order to do what I know in my mind is both possible and necessary to go faster. A perfect day at the track is the one where I dropped some time, but never experienced even the most fleeting moment of panic.


How about the rest of you? Is the fear part of the fun, or could you do without it?




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I am right there with you, exactly. I do NOT like to be afraid or anxious or feel like I am endangering myself. I like the challenge of riding, the focus, and the "rush" from accelerating hard or cornering fast; I like it when I ride a corner really well and I love the feeling of overcoming riding barriers, running faster/cleaner laps, and generally improving my riding.


I never want to feel panic, or anything CLOSE to panic, or be worried or fearful.


I can live with the butterflies before a race, because that is really more like excitement and anticipation, but if I was actually fearful and afraid of crashing, I would not do it, it wouldn't be fun. Specific example, I have bowed out of a race in terrible weather conditions because it was so nerve-wracking to ride, and I have elected not to race with someone I considered overly aggressive and dangerous; I actually was pretty confident I could stay upright and out of trouble in both cases but I just didn't want to deal with the worry and anxiety, it took the fun out of the racing.

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I'm there with you. I enjoy the thrill of going fast but I don't enjoy the thrill of scaring the hell out of myself.


I do however very much enjoy some of the exploration of the unknown. I explore the unknown however with as much information as I can. That helps keep the panic under control and I have an action plan in case things don't go as planned. This information can be what to expect or specific techniques to assist.


When I'm in a state of panic I don't feel as though as I'm in control of the bike. I'm not even in control of myself. How could you add control of a bike on top of that shaky foundation? Some people like to ride like that but I can't really comprehend how it actually works to be honest. Perhaps it's luck? I was lucky enough not to crash the few times I ended up riding over my head.

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I'd say adrenaline is only part of the equation and only after I beat someone by seconds does the adrenaline kick comes in (in FPS terms: DOMINATING!!!).

The most "fun" part for me is using all my skills at hardware tuning and software (riding sklls) to beat/ match a richer opponent in terms of gear
(as in I have total 200 USD front/rear sus job, he has a 3-900 dollar race grade suspension package).

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