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Turning My Honda Cbr1000Rr To A Track Bike

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Hi Guys,


I am turning my Honda CBR1000rr SC59 Year: 2009/10 Repsol version into a full Track Bike and want to get good advice on it.




Get the best Performance/Quality out of the Bike with the least amount of Cost.

Reducing the Total weight of the bike by removing unnecessary parts



What can I remove from the bike to reduce the Overall weight and still have the right Balance of weight on the bike?

What Performance parts would you build into, Change on your Bike with amount of Maximum of 5.000€/5.000$



Available Resource for Performance Upgrade: 5.000€/5.000$



Thank you in advance.


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My priority list would be:

1) Get some engine and chassis protection parts, like these from GB racing

2) replace all original plastics and lights with a fiberglass race fairing. Saves weight and saves money should you go down.

3) Suspension parts. If the OEM springs (front+rear) don't match your weight, at least change them.

4) Tyre warmers and stands


I would always do 1+2.


Anything else would come down lower on my list. Tuning the engine would probably come last, as a bog standard engine requires less maintenance and is less likely to break down.

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I somewhat agree with what KHP has said,


#1 Get track body work / lose all the street parts on the bike. IE the headlights, blinkers, tail light, passenger pegs etc. etc. Personally I would leave the kick stand on unless your going to be racing, it can be a pain needing a rear stand/assistant/wall to lean up against any time you wanna get off your bike.


#2 Get some traction pads for the gas tank, best bang for buck upgrade you can get anywhere, I personally like Stompgrip™ but some people find it too "aggressive"


#3 Clipon's and rear sets, set up the ergonimics of the bike to your liking, improving your comfort and fit on the bike is a huge upgrade.


At this point, upgrades really kind of depend on your skill level, right out of the box sport bikes have MASSIVE performance potential and you need to be a fairly skilled rider before you really need to upgrade anything.


if your fairly new and still at a relatively slow pace your not going to get any improvement out of and engine or HP upgrades, re springing the suspension for your weight is a good early fix, but you still need to be riding at a certain level before you'll even need to worry about this.


That money would be much better spent on some classes and riding instruction than on a shiny new Ohlins shock or a full titanium exhaust system. As your skill level improves you can address what on the bike you need to improve to match the needs of your skill set. Stands and Tire Warmers are nice, but not needed until your using Slicks or DOT-Race tires, and if your new to track riding I can't recommend starting out on tires that require a specific pace just to keep them at operating temp.

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I would add braided brake lines to the list (and dual carbon pads for other bikes than CBR, the Honda stock pads are quite good). This was my favorite upgrade, gave me more confidence on the brakes.


I just recently upgraded my stock fairings to racing but couldn't tell if there is any benefit. Less weight I'm assuming, but why would you list it as the #1 upgrade?

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Totally right on the steel braided brake lines, I forgot about that.


I'd replace the fairings for a couple of reasons: less weight, no glass if you drop it, cheaper to replace the fairings if you drop it, easier to take off/put on than stock, and it's easier to reach to small stuff inside the fairing with the race fairing (like pinch bolts for the lower triple clamp.

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+1 on the brake lines, though that's a great upgrade for any bike track or otherwise,


To add to what KHP said about the track bodywork,


A very minor low-side or even tip over in the pits or back of your transport vehicle can result in extensive damage and repair bills to the stock bodywork and headlight package. Track bodywork is considerably more resistant to damage and combined with the right kind of frame / axle sliders / case guards can provide significant protection to the bike in a crash. Also since it's made from fiberglass its easily repaired with some materials from your local auto parts store. Saving all the stock bodywork in like new condition can make the resale value of the bike considerably higher later on, or you can sell the bodywork and cover the cost of the track fairings and some other small upgrades if you don't plan on returning the bike to street legal status

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When I bought the ZX6R, the first upgrade was frame sliders. After a few rides, I realized the non-adjustable clutch lever just wouldn't work so I bought adjustable levers. I then bought a fender eliminator, OK, normally I am more about functionality but come on, those stock fenders are nasty. I then bought some Techspec tank pads because a little extra grip while hanging off is always nice. Braided brake lines? Of course. I went with some Core Moto's when previously went with Spiegler. I like the Core Moto having stock mounting point bushing's, a nice touch. Engine covers (GB) next. On the 650, the left side would still rub a cover with frame sliders so I decided the ZX6R would not fall to the same fate. I also switched to EBC EPFA pads since I like the progressive feel with a bit more bite than OEM.


Basically, what I am trying to say is go for bike protection first, then get what feels right after you get it on the track. Lately, since I got all that out of the way, I have been modifying the stock exhaust and finally got a slip on. I actually bought a PCV first and swapped the Autotune over from the 650. Skill will trump horsepower most of the time. Work on the skills first. I should mention I keep mine as street/track bikes.

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