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All I could think about with that video is how I would never even have to shift gears and how much of an absolute handful a 1L bike would be on that track.


On a 1L you would just get tired fast and watch the little bikes make mincemeat out of you. :)

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@YD I don't think that that camera is helmet mounted. My guess would be a chest or shoulder harness, since it's at a lower angle.

But the seasickness is the same :-D

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Riding a lightweight low horsepower is so much fun, and passing the big bikes is the best part. :)


Riding a powerful bike is fun too, blasting by bikes at full throttle as if they were completely stopped is the best part. :)


In all fairness though big 200hp 1L machine or amazing handling little 250 they both are equal with the amount of smiles per hour they put out.

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