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Motogp Silly Season - Rossi Resigns With Yamaha For 2 Years

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Well well well.


As the very first rider, Rossi & Yamaha has this morning announced that they are signed a 2 year extension.

With Lorenzo saying just a couple of days ago that he wanted to sign before the beginning of the season, but that Yamaha didn't want to do that, this must be a bit of a blow.




Regardless, Rossi re-signing with Yamaha was almost a given. If Yamaha at any point asked their fans and sponsors, they would be in no doubt that Rossi's name is more worth in marketing and press coverage that probably all of the other MotoGP riders combined.


Rossi just turned 37, so he would be almost 40 years old when the new contract runs out at the end of 2018; I wouldn't be surprised if he then retired to either work more directly with the VR46 Academy, or fool around in Rally cars for a couple of years. Possibly both :P


So, who's gonna be the next signer? Will Lorenzo still sign with Yamaha or will Ducati be tempting him even more?

What about Marquez, Pedrosa and Iannone?


Who will Yamaha sign alongside Rossi - Maverick Viñales or Andrea Iannone? Rossi stalked Viñales in FP3 for a couple of laps yesterday.


I could see Alex Rins come in through Tech 3 Yamaha with an option to move him to the Factory team after 2 years if he progresses well, but less likely that he would arrive directly to the factory team.


I know where my popcorn is :)

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During Q2 today the commentators mentioned that Lin Jarvis (head of Yamaha MotoGP) told them that Jorge Lorenzo also was offered a contract, but he was waiting to sign. Jarvis' commented that Lorenzo might be waiting to see what Ducati would offer him.


Edit: Lin Jarvis held a small press-conference to answer questions. He told that Yamaha treats their riders equally, so when Jorge wanted to have a contract ready before the start of the season, they prepared offers to both riders at the same time. He repeatedly refered to the contract as 'their very best offer' to him, indicating a fatter contract than ever before. The offer has an expiry date, so Jorge cannot wait forever to decide. Naturally, Jarvis was not willing to tell the press when the offer expires.


Lin Jarvis 20min Q&A with the press (paywalled, I presume): "There is not one like Rossi"

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Absolutely, Cobie.


Adding to that is that Bradley Smith has today announced that he'll be joining KTM as Factory Rider for 2017-2018:


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Jorge Lorenzo announced this week that he's joining Team Red from next year. When asked about his expectations of the bike at the Jerez pre-race press conference, he deadpanned "I expect to be very fast in a straight line".




Maverick Viñales is tipped as the top candidate to replace Lorenzo as Rossi's teammate in the Yamaha Factory team. Lin Jarvis said at the press conference that they expected to take a decision before the Barcelona GP (June 5th).


Ducati have said that they had informed the two Andrea's, but not made any decision on whom they would pick.

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