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What Not To Do When Teaching Riding To Others.

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I don't normally do this, but I thought this video could become a thesis subject for some enterprising student on how to teach others to believe in Mythology and Crashology. This was by far the WORST video of motorcycle instruction I have seen in my entire life.


If you can get through all 8 excruciating minutes you will learn why to do nearly the OPPOSITE of what he and his peanut gallery are espousing.




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I have personally been given worse advice on a track day. Track Day coaches for the most part really mean well and really want to help people. Sometimes they lack the knowledge and experience to really teach in an effective manner. It's helpful for some but others it's not so helpful for.


Just because someone can ride fast does not mean they are using correct technique nor does it mean they can effectively teach others. Some track day coaches are effective teachers with good technique while others simply aren't.


I find that passion is a good indicator of how good track day coaches are. Are they watching you behind them (do they even have mirrors on their bike)? Do they talk to you after you ride with them? Are they observing and basing their advice on what they see or just giving generic advice to everyone? Without the passion and follow up you often don't have a good coach. You have to realize the motivations people have for coaching at track days. For some it's the prestige of being able to say "I'm a coach" and for others it's the attraction of having lots of free track time. The good ones of course it's the passion of being able to help people.


Full disclosure. I did not watch the video. I'm already pretty familiar with the people who produced it and I have done my time hearing lots of bad advice. I try to focus on good advice like what's found in the forums here and from the school's coaches who are all world class teachers who happen to also be amazing riders as well.

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