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Cobie's Deadly Sin


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I'm going to hedge my bet and take a WAG and say it's either Neil Hodgson, Eric Bostrom or Marc Marquez.


I'll give you a bigger hint. The quote is in Twist of the Wrist II, Chapter 25, and no it wasn't Keith that said it. :)


I found it. But now I have to admit I don't know who the guy is. I looked him up and I wasn't into racing in 1984 to put the statement into context of 'WoW this guy is the most awesomest ever!', even if he really is.....kinda like how my children are if I say the name Mat Mladin to them; I might get, "okay dad".

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That was back in the day when the 250 GP class in the US was pretty strong. There were some real pluses to those 2-stroke 250's, but one had to be right on top of the tuning of them, totally different than the modern era of fuel injection.


Donnie was a good rider and guest coach at the school quite a bit back then.

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Have a look at TOTWII, Chapter 4 Throttle Control: Everyman's Ideal Line, the section called "Line Follows Gas", and also at Chapter 14, Steering:The Rules, particularly the section "Off/On + Lean". To me, these sections recommend NOT adding any more lean angle once the initial steering is completed.


At the end of that chapter is says, "I try to get the throttle on just before max lean angle for the turn...D.G."

Can of worms?

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