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New Forum Functionality or just new skin

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Whatever it is, I no longer have a button that takes me to the unread comments in a thread.  It's also more difficult to discover what's new on the forum; I nearly missed an entire topic.  My notifications had 7 in there but when I clicked....nada.

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Did you try logging out and back in? Mine still shows any topics that have new posts in bold, like it did before. Try logging out and back in first and if that doesn't handle it let me know how exactly you were finding new/unread posts so I can research it.

There was a required software update for general improved security and functionality, that's why it looks a little different, it was not just a new skin or intended design change.

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17 hours ago, Cobie Fair said:

And I liked the unread/new content function before...can't seem to find that...?

There is also a button on your regular home or browse screen on the upper right under the Search box and above the "Reply to this topic" button.

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