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Body lock...any advice CSS coaches ?

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I am looking for some advice for a problem that I already encountered at my last CSS class. This has to do with my lack of symetry (-;.

Bottom line is that my lock on left corners is really good, I can get my body nicely positioned, I am really relaxed on the handlebars, can move my upper body very freely.

On the right corners, this is not as good. My lock is not so great. During the first laps, it's OK, but rapidly, as soon as I get a bit tired, my left leg does not hold me very well in position, so I don't have a good movement, I compensate with my back (and so I get pain in my back) and I am less relaxed on the handlebars and use my harms too much. So except for going to the gym to get all those muscles from left leg, body core etc..reinforced to have a better, stronger lock, any advice on exercises or  anything that would help me solve this symmetry issue ?

Thanks !

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Have you tried working with a coach or friend, or looking at photos, to compare your left vs right body position to see what you are doing differently? Or is there a strength issue on that side? 

In the absence of any other info I'd look at how you are holding the throttle, as rolling on the gas as the biggest difference between lefts and rights. Are you doing something awkward with your arm, shoulder, or body to give yourself room to twist the throttle? Have you tried the "screwdriver" grip on the throttle to help prevent your wrist getting bound up when trying to roll on hard? 

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Thank you for the reminder HF; the screwdriver grip is a great tool that slips my mind (lazy from street riding).  Just returned from some "learn to turn" practice on the street twistys and your post reminded me how to align my right arm for a relaxed right turn with a good lock and pivot turn.  The flapping elbow is really tough without the SD grip.

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